Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Just like that.....!!!!

I came back after spending 4 days with the friends whom I have known for almost 10 years... and I felt so much like family......now i feeel homesick!!! :( nice weather... nice people.. nice homely food... and icing to the cake.. the company!!!
When i come back to this place.. the weather of all the things sucks!!! and I felt completely lost and empty here... so restless.. that I cant  calm myself down!! So many things going in the back of my mind..
 I walked down the memory lane of my school" NC state" and I felt sooo nice... all memories are not pleasant but still theres always an affinity to the place and the frnds. they def are family.. they the true u.. there is no drama... no region ... nothing.. u r just another struggling fellow student.... :)
       Money was a big deal during the school days but the company and people was not!! :) Now after working for almost 4 years i see that having money and not the right set of people.. doesnt really account well...
             I miss all you folks in Raleigh the most.... (my close set and the not so close set.... ) If there was a time machine i definitely would go back to that time and change some of the things...
So this doesnt mean the place i stay currently is not nice or people are not nice!! I am just going through this phase where decision making is important and crucial and I should not be ignoring things.
            I am just being stubborn and adamant for god knows what reason. To top it all.. work studies and life is making it all complicated with no comfort to look around....

Well enuf of ranting.. so as far as the trip goes, had fuun... went to the printing bureau in DC and saw how the money bills in the US are printed.... aint that amazing.. see how the notes are printed.. the walk in DC and the capital tour were all exciting, things that I had never done so far...and the musueums,, but u gotta spend a lot of time and it should be less crowded..... Raleigh was fun and shoppin in Richmond with 2 of my fav gals was amazing!! Oh yea, and the most imp incident was a reckless driving ticket at the border of VA and NC..... the cop was merciless I would say!!!  but I think i deserved it since I do sometimes speed more than needed...... its not just in the US but also in India....  so lesson learnt stop speeding cos that just change the ETA a lot!!! :D

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Leave of Absence from Blogging!

I am just in a phase where i don feel like doing nything.. too many things going on.. gettin caught up in a spider web and no where to look around.. Well i will just flow like the river water in whichever direction it takes me... So i think I will be on sabatical from blogging ... So hope to catch up soon!!!

Friday, August 19, 2011

A New Dimension to the existing.

All right... inspite of having enough mess and stress in life., I have decided to take something more ... hoping that i will diver me from the mess and stress and help me achieve what I am looking to.... Well well... yest was the orientation and all of a sudden going back to school sounds terrifying...
                              This time though it is like you work through the day and then listen to the professors and fellow students for another 3 hrs before hopefully you can call it a day!
                                    It  does seem like someone like me may not be able to handle well. since I can do only one thing well at a time but i look upto some ppl and hope that I will be able to live upto my own set expectations... Looking at the current situation of single life, no commitment to people just to work.. makes me feel like I should just be able to pull it off,,,
                          Its not just the education but it alaos learning simple things like talking to people, dealing with delicate situations that will be critical here and also making sure the pressure at either work or school doesnt take a toll on either of the other places... like they said "strike a balance"......
Its interesting to explore the area of Finance, marketing, strategy where in most of the terms seem Greek.. and at the end of  3 years would seem like a known frontier as well.

Ok folks.. more updates will be followed on this front.. If i survive the first couple months atleast!!!! :D

have a great weekend!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Oh yes!!!

Guess what!!! I am also happy today...one of my best and longest known frnds is no longer thousands of miles away from me!!!
 Which means we can talk often and relive our school and college days!!!
Yippie... looking fwd to meeting her in person sooooon!!!


Crib of the Day!

Some times I really cannot mend the way I behave. I create embarassing situations not just to myself but also to people who try to care for me!!!! Isnt that mean!!! But I guess when u apologise , its finally all fair in love and war!!! :) Well well.. enough of the cribbing... I had to vent it out.. thats why I am here!

nothin much going on here..... looking for some excitement and low profile in life.
Will soon get there!!

Adios for now!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

5years in the Land of Immigrants!

july 31st 2006 is the day i landed in the USA with a dream like every fellow Indian of completing my Masters In Engineering.It was just one month after I had completed my final yer exams.,waited till the last day June30 th to let Deloitte know that their attractive pay package no longer excited me...and that I was all set to go to North Carolina to pursue something which my dad and I pictured few years back! This decision came after having to cross a lot of emotional obstacles but all said and done it was made....
             Every day in the 5 years would have been memorable because there is always some new challenge awaiting me..I have seen different type of people.. managed different situations... tried to achieve what i always wanted to.... but something always troubles you at the back of my mind... the most important thing that I have learnt here is relationships.. and from my previous post.. its always strange to me..... I never quite understood.. but i know one thing for sure... when you are away from family, its always your friends who are the backbone and the support system and I definitely know that everyone u meet here will not fit into that group.But frankly speaking I have never understood this aspect at all.......
            Anyhooo... besides that I have had some thoroghly adventurous moments with my roommates and just by myself either... School days where I would have to wake up for my 4 am campus jobs.......or whether me and my room mates had to go to the post office to collect a package with no clue where it was located... walking had become the most important activity while in school.....:D becos the luxury mode of transportation was not afordable!! :) Well,,, but it def din seem to help my physical condition.....:D but there are other factors like indiscipline eating habits at school which all changed once i moved into professional life. :)
               Probably school life was the best part in the 5 years mainly because , i had some strong bonding with some of my friends there.. always knew I had people whom i could depend on emotionally as well.Not driving a car never seemed to bother my day to day activity.. When I crisis.. i always knew i could go to one of my friends shoulders and cry! :)
But work life has taken away most of this.. It has just made me independent in every way.. I am not supposed to be depended on people... Its more like go fend for urself.. but even then i know I have some people around whom I can go to  for help!
          Plus point of work life is money.....while in school planning trips was a big deal.. now I can plan trips .. the way I want... thats how my state count is 33 and is still increasing.. I love travelling.!!!. just pack bags.. go with my favorite ppl and visit the wildest places....Trips to all the places have been fun uptil now.. I am looking forward to more.. the most exciting is Europe. with Y( hope we can make that happen!!!) Really excited....:) So far summing up... lots of state and National  parks...lots of states.. different cuisines,, favorite being(Thai and chinese..) but tried most of them.. turkish, afghani, mediterranean, ethiopian, viatnamese.,mexican ,italian, Indian,american, malaysian and Japanese so far.. so going by this ,,, you can def say I am a big foodie:D
                Oh yes.. I have also realised how stayed healthy and active is really important.. FYI .. my fotos 5 yrs back and now will show that... :D I cannot believe it when I look at myself.. but I would never like to go back to that phase.... :(
                  My favorite park would be Grand Canyon and my 2 favorite cities would be NYC and Chicago!! :) I still have a lot of parks and cities pending and I hope to finish it before I leave the US for good!(Not sure whether it will be by choice or by force.. but will see what the destiny packet has in store for me)
I enjoy my work and that typically what keeps me going.. started with working on calibrations for diesel trucks and now I am learning more mechanical engineering stuff.. I have driven different kinds of trucks... seen different Industrial applications and actually been able to see where all my efforts lead to ... this just gives me pure satisfaction.!!!
       My childhood fantasy of playing tennis is seeming to get accomplished as I have started that on a regular basis...
All in all the 5 yrs  have  been the given the  most rewarding experiences of my life.. and I will always hope to  see the brighter side of things!!!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Strange Ties....

Its a always amazing how often you come across people and what impact they create in your life.
Having started staying ny myself for the last yr and half it just seems diff when you have people who stay with you even for a day... I like it...:) nyhoo coming to the pt... My frnd has had a bunch of roommates(exaggerating!!! as always) but i wld say around 3-4  till now and I have had some kind of bond with each one of them...... Strange pattern is most of them who become her roommates are on the threshold of marriage and are looking to move to their husbands at the earliest... So basically... they are just staying becos they dont have a choice.

                        So here she was I met her for the first time 3 months ago.. Also from Pune. smiling.. bubbly happy that in 2 weeks she was headed back to India to get married... :) She did have a very interesting life.. but i felt that she did consider me as someone whom she could emotionally depend on... She shared every bit of her life with me and sometimes I would wonder ..... u can be happy like that.... Well all said and done.. she is finally headed back to her husband.. where her happiness belongs... wishing her luck... and happiness and prosperity....